Information on evolving AMC

January 31, 2014 Sarah 0

Dear Friends and Visitors, It is extremely gratifying to read your expressions of support as A Minor Consideration begins the process of evolving through the

A Club Within a Club

January 18, 2014 Sarah 0

A Club Within a Club Kid stars are rare enough, but within this group there are the so-called (or dreaded) “Teen Idols.” If you lived

David Cassidy DUI arrest

January 13, 2014 Sarah 0

David Cassidy Arrested Again It is painful to report yet another arrest of David Cassidy last Friday in Los Angeles. Troubled times are a guarantee

The Wrong Young Men

January 9, 2014 Sarah 0

The Wrong Young Men “I have often been asked why television shows from ‘back in the day’ were so much better (or at least seemed