A Message From The New President

I am honored to announce that Paul Petersen has asked me to step into the role of President of “A Minor Consideration.” I accept this position with humility and excitement. I know that anything I accomplish will be small compared to his effort and accomplishments.

While allegations, charges and abuses are running rampant in the entertainment industry, A Minor Consideration (AMC) is reacting by expanding its role to address the challenges faced by today’s young entertainers.

A Minor Consideration‘s legacy, historically has provided guidance and support to young entertainers, past, present and future through education, advocacy and legislation. Because of today’s abuses in the entertainment industry, AMC becomes more relevant than ever.

A Minor Consideration is developing a plan to work collaboratively with industry peers and set industry precedent to prevent future abuses from happening. By focusing on prevention, the industry will be stronger and safer for everyone.

As we expand upon the historical role of AMC, we will continue to inform, educate, support and protect young entertainers by adding strategic planning and legislative targets.

I am also pleased to announce that I’ve asked Alison Arngrim to be my Vice President. I have worked with her and I’m confident that she’ll contribute a great deal. In addition to Alison, I will be announcing additional people that I’d like to join our leadership team.

I am looking forward to working with you; while our organization benefits from your experience and advice.

Christopher M. Allport
A Minor Consideration