AMC Thanks PR Guru Harlan Boll

Dear Harlan,

Having had the pleasure of knowing Dale Olson of Rogers and Cowan since I was a wee lad (he was a close friend of my Mom’s, she accompanying him to countless business and social functions spanning decades) and being my only reference point for what a consummate PR professional is, I can only say that you are of the same caliber and a shining example in your own right.

Like you, Dale donated a portion of his valuable time to causes he believed in.  On behalf of A Minor Consideration and the hearts and minds it consists of, I would like to sincerely thank you for the amazing job you did for us Sunday.  Watching you work is a lesson in timing, chutzpah, kindness, and intention.

Bravo!  (And a separate big thanks to Alison Arngrim for “sharing” you with us!)


Radames Pera (for AMC)