Another Pedophile in the Industry Arrested

Ben McCormack, an Australian journalist who was pivotal in covering the case of another Australian actor found to be a pedophile, was found guilty this week of being a pedophile himself.

AMC Board member, Sarah Monahan, first spoke to Ben McCormack about the abuse she endured on set from fellow actor, and on screen father, Robert Hughes back in 2010, on TV show A Current Affair. The police investigation into Hughes lasted two years, and then another two years till the court date. McCormack was there covering the story the whole time, and was even the one who was in court to hear the guilty verdict, and relay it to Sarah over the phone.

Four years of working together on the story, and then it comes out that the man is a pedophile himself.

The industry in Australia is in a state of shock, as like most pedophiles, everyone thought he was a “nice guy”. Just goes to show that when kids have that instinct to not trust someone, and as an adult you brush it off because you can’t believe that someone could be bad, because they seem so nice, that you should absolutely believe the kid. Pedophiles operate on being nice, gaining trust, and using it to abuse.

Here’s a link to the Daily Mail article for those in the US that don’t know who either of these people are. It explains in more detail the background and charges.

Below is a video clip of Ben McCormack detailing the investigation into Robert Hughes.