Apt Pupil Update

Apt Pupil Update

June 08, 1997

As those involved with the Studio on the Apt Pupil incident run for cover, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their attorneys are being less than forthcoming with the information they are providing. At the same time that the Studio and its representatives are trying to deny wrongdoing (they can’t deny that it happened – it’s on film!), they and their lawyers are being far less than candid with the information being provided. Consider the following:

The lawyers for the children were shown approximately 24 takes of the event in question. These showed minors performing in the nude in the presence of nude adults. This is a violation of the Labor Permit and child protection laws!

When the childrens’ attorneys informed the defense that the boys had reconstructed from memory more than 40 takes the Studio suddenly “discovered” another cassette that had been “mislabeled.” If you had to take a bet, what do you think the possibility is that there is more “mislabeled” film out there?

Even with the cassette that was shown, a scene was clearly missing. It is clear that what is being provided has been edited to show only what the Studio wants the defense to see.

Slides were shown to the defense (no slide projector or magnifying loop, by the way). Of these, the numbering clearly shows that 118 were missing. There is, of course, no way to determine what was missing outside the numbering set. By “coincidence”, none of the plaintiff-children were shown on the slides provided.

Contact sheets of still photographs were provided. Pictures in the middle of the set were blacked out. Again, “coincidentally”, the children suing are not shown in the stills provided.

Other proof sheets had an entire roll of film missing. Again the children involved in the lawsuit are not shown in what was provided.

Polaroids taken by wardrobe for continuity were provided. Over half the pictures in the set (assuming best case for the Studio!) were missing from what was provided. Surprise! None of the children are in the pictures provided.

The spokesmen for the Studio told the children’s attorney that they had produced an hour long cassette for the plaintiffs’ review. When the cassette was finally produced, there was only 20 minutes on it? Why is the Studio withholding the rest of the tape.

If this type of treatment of children is to be prevented, it is imperative that people speak upNOW! Please take the time to notify Sony of your opinion of these events. This can be done at their website.

Even more importantly, let the Los Angeles District Attorney know that people are watching him. It is incredibly important that people demand that he take action. He can be contacted at

Gil Garcetti
Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
210 W. Temple St. Rm. 18000
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
Phone (213) 974-3512

email: lada@co.la.ca.us

If children are to be protected, responsible adults must speak up!