September 10, 2021 Paul Peterson 0

Webmaster’s note: The opening refers to a statement by Ricky Sorenson. When he was asked how a youngster could survive the Entertainment Industry, he replied:

Taking on TLC

April 28, 2016 Paul Peterson 0

Before I head for Bakersfield and the big National Street Rod Association event this weekend I want to address this business of TLC threatening to

Vale Patty Duke

March 29, 2016 Paul Peterson 0

Patty Duke’s Passing Honest. Courageous. Gifted. Those are the words that came instantly to mind when news of “Anna’s” death reached me this morning. She

Animal Rights

October 26, 2015 Paul Peterson 0

Animal Rights American Humane Association Guidelines for the Protection of All Animals in Film No animal* will be Killed or injured for the sake of

Apt Pupil Update

June 8, 1997 Paul Peterson 0

Apt Pupil Update June 08, 1997  As those involved with the Studio on the Apt Pupil incident run for cover, it shouldn’t come as a

Kids and the Law

October 10, 1996 Paul Peterson 0

    Now then, the two laws which impinge most on the working child go under the title “California Civil Code 197” (written in 1872)

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