It’s the Process, Jon & Kate

September 21, 2008 Sarah 0

Our unedited letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding the theatrical release of “Hound Dog.” September 21, 2008   Dear LA Times (Susan King), I

The Meerkats Speak

September 15, 2008 Sarah 0

An Open Letter from the surviving Dionne Quintuplets was published in Time Magazine on December 1st 1997, addressed to multiple-birth parents that were putting their

Jon and Kate Inquiries

September 5, 2008 Sarah 0

Thank you for writing to A Minor Consideration and for sharing your views on “Jon & Kate.”There are too many emails to answer individually (and

Jon and Kate Inquiries

September 5, 2008 Sarah 0

September 5, 2008 Thank you for writing to A Minor Consideration and for sharing your views on “Jon & Kate.” There are too many emails to answer individually (and

Time to Exit, Jon & Kate

August 27, 2008 Sarah 0

August 27, 2008 The future of the “Plus Eight” is the real issue, Jon and Kate, and it’s time for you to listen. Your children

Mackenzie Phillips Busted

August 27, 2008 Sarah 0

The shocking, but oh-so-familiar news story broken on TMZ this morning regarding our friend and comrade, Mackenzie Phillips, has stirred a great deal of emotion

New Mexico Falls In Line

July 12, 2008 Sarah 0

The State of New Mexico, deeply embarrassed by the entire “Kid Nation” fiasco that was filmed in their state under shadowy circumstances, has passed into Law its

Apt Pupil – An Ode to Power

December 28, 1999 Sarah 0

Sad Post-Christmas Tidings to All, “If any animal must be treated inhumanely to perform, then that animal should not be used.” Rule B. Rule 5:

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