In Memoriam – Ken Weatherwax

December 20, 2014 Sarah 0

Ken Weatherwax this post was contributed by Fred T. Beeman Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax, who was born in Los Angeles CA on September 29,1955 (the day before

Simplize Your Perspective

October 26, 2014 Sarah 0

Years ago I decided to boil down my belief system to its essence…the absolute irreducible prism through which I view the world: Children. For me

In Memoriam – Carla Laemmle

June 18, 2014 Sarah 0

Vale Carla Laemmle Former child actress (during the silent picture era) Carla Laemmle passed away on Thursday, June 12, 2014, at 104. Her first appearance on

In Memoriam – Mickey Rooney

April 8, 2014 Sarah 0

Vale Mickey Rooney We were born on the same day twenty-five years apart, me and “the Mick.” Rooney was already one of Hollywood’s biggest stars by

In Memoriam – Shirley Temple

February 11, 2014 Sarah 0

Vale Shirley Temple The quintessential child star, who touched the hearts of almost everyone in the English-speaking world, passed away on Monday night, February 10, 2014,

Information on evolving AMC

January 31, 2014 Sarah 0

Dear Friends and Visitors, It is extremely gratifying to read your expressions of support as A Minor Consideration begins the process of evolving through the

A Club Within a Club

January 18, 2014 Sarah 0

A Club Within a Club Kid stars are rare enough, but within this group there are the so-called (or dreaded) “Teen Idols.” If you lived

David Cassidy DUI arrest

January 13, 2014 Sarah 0

David Cassidy Arrested Again It is painful to report yet another arrest of David Cassidy last Friday in Los Angeles. Troubled times are a guarantee

The Wrong Young Men

January 9, 2014 Sarah 0

The Wrong Young Men “I have often been asked why television shows from ‘back in the day’ were so much better (or at least seemed

In Memoriam – Paul Walker

December 2, 2013 Sarah 0

Vale Paul Walker A fiery car crash claimed the life of Paul William Walker IV (age 40) on Saturday, November 30, 2013. He was a passenger

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