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David Cassidy DUI arrest

January 13, 2014 Sarah 0

David Cassidy Arrested Again It is painful to report yet another arrest of David Cassidy last Friday in Los Angeles. Troubled times are a guarantee

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Seeing “Rush” Made Me Think

October 1, 2013 Sarah 0

Seeing “Rush” Made Me Think Contrary to those cynics who think the former kid actor’s society is all about excuses, whining, and ancient laments, allow

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Somebody Supplied the Pole

August 29, 2013 Sarah 0

Somebody Supplied the Pole Miley Cyrus, you might recall, had a run in with a stripper’s pole not too long ago on the Teen Choice

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Repeating the Obvious

July 24, 2013 Sarah 0

Repeating the Obvious Perhaps we don’t say this often enough, but the commitment of A Minor Consideration to help young performers has not lessened from

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In Memoriam – Sammi Kane Kraft

October 29, 2012 Sarah 0

Vale Sammi Kane Kraft We were saddened to learn that Sammi Kane Kraft was killed in a traffic accident on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, according to

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In Memoriam – Ann Rutherford

June 18, 2012 Sarah 0

Vale Ann Rutherford Therese Ann Rutherford passed away at the age of 94 on June 11, 2012, of heart failure and, depending on what source you

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The Assault on Family Values

May 15, 2012 Sarah 0

The Assault on Family Values Publicizing, promoting and featuring the worst of this nation’s stage parents has become an epidemic in our media. From “Dance

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The Growth of Porn

August 5, 2011 Sarah 0

The Growth of Porn – Alison Arngrim Sounds Off The sexual commodification and monetizing of younger and younger models and actresses is indeed increasing. Like

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In Memoriam – Jackie Cooper

March 20, 2011 Sarah 0

Vale Jackie Cooper Jackie Cooper, the former Emmy®-winning director who survived childhood stardom in the 1930s, died Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, at