A Host of Heroes

October 3, 2017 Sarah 0

In the midst of the Mandalay Massacre a galaxy of heroic individuals showed by their individual actions what America and Americans are truly made of.

Simplize Your Perspective

October 26, 2014 Sarah 0

Years ago I decided to boil down my belief system to its essence…the absolute irreducible prism through which I view the world: Children. For me

Somebody Supplied the Pole

July 29, 2013 Sarah 0

Miley Cyrus, you might recall, had a run in with a stripper’s pole not too long ago on the Teen Choice Awards (Aug 13, 2009).

“Skins” Is What It Is

January 21, 2011 Sarah 0

Misguided adults conceived, sold, and wrote this MTV offering called “Skins.” The entire production is staffed by people above the Age of Consent who are, in law,

Octo-Mom, Orman & Oprah

January 21, 2011 Sarah 0

At the risk of ticking off television’s most successful host, what the heck was going on with Oprah Winfrey last week? A mea culpa from

Opening Statement for PA

April 15, 2010 Sarah 0

Good morning. My name is Paul Petersen and I have been growing up and growing old with most of you here today. Grandparents may remember


November 10, 1999 Sarah 0

Regular visitors to our site will have noticed a distinct lack of news lately, and given that the headlines have been filled with all manner

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