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More Auction Items

August 24, 2015 Sarah 0

Another set of Memorabilia up for Auction Here’s the second set of memorabilia up on eBay. All the money will go to A Minor Consideration,

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In Memoriam – Ken Weatherwax

December 20, 2014 Sarah 0

Ken Weatherwax this post was contributed by Fred T. Beeman Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax, who was born in Los Angeles CA on September 29,1955 (the day before

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Newtown, Connecticut

December 16, 2012 Sarah 0

Newtown, Connecticut I lived down the road from Newtown, Connecticut. Evil in human form showed up in that bucolic town last Friday. We will not

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Images Can Impact Reality

February 7, 2012 Sarah 0

Images Can Impact Reality The media has it in for kids to judge by the avalanche of unfiltered images they are spreading over every medium.