Christopher M Allport

Christopher M. Allport is a dedicated and effective advocate for all working children.

Growing up in the studios of Los Angeles and on the stages in New York, Allport has now emerged as Hollywood’s “Golden-Era Grandchild.” A ‘triple threat,” he was trained in the private acting, television, film, music and dance studios of golden-era veterans Diane Hardin, Madylin Clark, Alan Young, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

Feature, TV and recording credits, during formative years for Disney, Fox, MGM, WB and Sony, paved the path for a successful transition into adulthood.  Christopher has breathed life into numerous characters such as ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost,’ and ‘Tootles,’ in the Emmy award-winning Fox animated series Peter Pan & The Pirates.

As a Disney contract player, Christopher performed in numerous live Disney musicals, and provided iconic vocal work for a variety of well known animated characters.  He has sung back up for acts such as Barbra Streisand and Titus Burgess and is known for soundtrack work on epic films Godzilla, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Hook, Hocus Pocus and the Mighty Ducks, just to name a few. 

In 1994, Allport was invited to become the youngest member of the SAG-AFTRA Young Performers Committee when Paul Petersen began mentioning young Allport as he began to step into leadership roles. 

With legislative wins secured in Sacramento and Albany protecting young performers, Allport was appointed by SAG President Melissa Gilbert as the National Chair of the Committee and was the youngest SAG member to ever be elected to the board of directors.

Graduating magna cum laude from Loyola Marymount University, Allport began developing his own creative content, and currently is a successful film director, screenwriter and acclaimed orchestral music composer. 

Recent directorial and screenwriting credits include, the romantic comedy Emily or Oscar; Senja Chronicles, award-winning documentaries From Manzanar to the Divided States of America and All the Sins of the Past; 38th Annual Young Artist Awards; John Williams & Michael Tilson Thomas Live (Dorothy Chandler); Randy Newman & Michael Giacchino Live (Annenberg Center); Tristan und Isolde (Broad Stage); and numerous Beach Boys music videos.

Recent composition credits recorded with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra include Arise, Awake o Christmas Day, Song of Solomon, Through the Windows on a Train, and Shenandoah.  Christopher is also a recipient of the prestigious Park City Film Music Festival, Best Music Documentary Award.

With a strong emphasis in international relations, Mr. Allport’s acclaimed vocal & live orchestra variety show, Mystique, has toured South Africa, France, Italy, Poland and North America.

Through A Minor Consideration, Allport is honored to ‘pay it forward,’ providing guidance support and encouragement to young artistic talent, worldwide.