Wondering how you can help A Minor Consideration?

Protecting children and changing laws isn’t easy. Unfortunately, in order to change laws, we need to campaign, speak in person, and have a social media presence. Sometimes we have to fly to places like D.C. to be heard. Flights and accommodation cost money. Hosting events can also be expensive. Giving aid to formers can also be costly.

We try to do as much pro-bono work as possible, but unfortunately, we can’t do it all for free. We all donate our time. Unlike many non-profits, nobody at AMC take a salary or gets paid. ALL our funds go directly to our cause.

We hope to have many more exciting events where our supporters can get together, collaborate, commiserate, network, and most importantly, just be there for our community of fellow young performers. Fundraisers are a fun way that people can donate time and money towards helping AMC, but we can’t do them all the time.

We’ll update this page to let you know as soon as we have our next event planned, but in the meantime, if you want to help out financially, please consider a donation directly to AMC. There’s a paypal button below, and your support is greatly appreciated.

You can also help us by using Amazon Smile, and choosing AMC as your preferred charity. Everyone is shopping from home right now, so you can help AMC every time you buy something from Amazon.