Gala Auction is now online!

Start your bidding!

So, for all of you who can’t be at the Guiding Star Gala, you can still get involved with our first ever fundraiser. These are the first items up on eBay, and all the money is going to A Minor Consideration. Click on the pictures and it will take you straight to the eBay auction. Don’t feel bad spoiling yourself, it’s for a good cause!

Tom Hanks signed Forrest Gump Movie Poster
Thurman Thomas signed helmet
Thurman Thomas signed Helmet
christmas story monopoly signed
A Christmas Story Monopoly game signed by seven cast members
Feldman Signed Goodnies AF
Corey Feldman Goonies action figure signed by Corey
larry thomas soup nazi signed baseball bat
Larry Thomas AKA “The Soup Nazi” signed baseball bat
JJ watt signed FB
JJ Watt signed football
Willy Wonka bat signed by all five kids.
Calvin Fance’s Jersey, which was actually used in a game.

Happy Bidding everyone! Don’t forget, even if you are going to the gala, you can keep bidding on these items on your phone.