Guiding Star Gala Fundraiser Auction

Memorabilia Auction!

So AMC is having its first ever fundraiser event. A bunch of your favourite former child stars, as well as a slew of other celebrities will be out in force at the Hollywood Lucky Strike on August 30th. If you’re in LA, or feel like flying in for a weekend, this is your chance to come and bowl with a bunch of your favourite people. Who knows, you might get to score a strike with your childhood crush.


For those who can’t attend, you don’t have to miss out on the action. There’s going to be a massive auction, with all kinds of memorabilia that you can snag. All the money from the auction will go to AMC, and you’ll get to have some serious swag.

Items will range from TV/Movie posters, to sports items signed by some major league stars.

Here’s a sample of the things that will be going under the hammer.

Keep an eye out for more sample items that will be posted up soon. eBay auction will start on August 20, 2015.