In Memoriam – Cory Monteith

Vale Cory Monteith

May 11, 1982 – July 13, 201
May 11, 1982 – July 13, 201

Cory Monteith: Born May 11th 1982. Died July 13th 2013

That’s the way it will read…the bare facts of a promising life that ended at age 31 due to a combination of heroin and alcohol ingestion in a Vancouver BC hotel. Cory died alone. There will be no investigation into his death according to the RCMP. Cory was another drug overdose in a city infamous for easy access to drugs. No big deal. Just another casualty.

Except this young man was famous thanks to “Glee.” He’d been working steadily as an actor/singer for several years. He was, by all accounts, open and honest about both his past and his struggles with substance abuse.

For a personality beset with demons, the silence of friends, co-workers, employers and significant others can be deadly. “Silence,” as Sir Thomas Moore told us, “is acceptance. Silence is an affirmative statement.” Interventions without 24-7 follow-up are all but useless.

Cory, undeniably, did not get the specialized help he needed. Money, fame and publicists make for a slippery fish. High-priced recovery spas in the heart of the entertainment community are decidedly not the answer for a performer treading a dangerous road. The promise of continuing employment in the same field that created vulnerability is not the road to recovery. Returning to Vancouver where Cory’s troubles first emerged at age 13 should have been a giant red flag. Recovery is a long process, not an interview, which is something Oprah might want to think about in her discussions with Ms Lohan. One thing you don’t do is let an addict out of your sight.

The licensed and credentialed experts in A Minor Consideration, famous all, know one thing for certain: Our phone didn’t ring.