In Memoriam Roddy McDowell

In Memoriam
Roddy McDowell
Sept. 17, 1928 – Oct. 3, 1998
Pictured: Roddy McDowall while appearing in George Stevens' The Greatest  Story Ever Told (1965). Description … | Famous child actors, Young  celebrities, Movie stars RODDY MCDOWALL ACTOR (1978 Stock Photo - Alamy 
Already a veteran of several British films, Roddy was relocated to the United States at the age of 11 during the German bombardment. His innocent face and precise diction gained him the respect of Hollywood producers.

He appeared in many films, including the Oscar winning “How Green Was My Valley.” When his career as a child actor ended, he demonstrated that he was very versatile, appearing in parts ranging from a Mexican-American to a Southerner in “No Time For Sergeants.”

As a child actor, he had an innocence that reached through the screen and touched his audience. Though he has passed, this innocence lives on.

Rest in peace, Roddy.