Information on evolving AMC

Dear Friends and Visitors,

It is extremely gratifying to read your expressions of support as A Minor Consideration begins the process of evolving through the next generation of former child stars. Thank you. Over the next few months you will come to know the new people who have volunteered to help. Actually, you already know them…and isn’t that cool? I think you’ll be impressed, not only for their past accomplishments as performers, but for the kind of people they have become.

Now then, to practical matters, like our main website, which many of you have visited through the years, and our new website,

Facebook has become the ‘Go To’ communications link these days, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our faithful Webmistress, Mary Anderson, who has maintained our website and all it’s information for many years. Mary is just our 2nd Webmaster. The late Michael Satterwhite, our first Webmaster, brought me into the Internet Age back in the 90’s. The primary website remains important as both an archive of our work, but also the place to go to make Donations to A Minor Consideration. There is a button on the list of pages just below our title for mail-in donations, and a specific box for credit card and/or PayPal donations. We’ve all learned to use this remarkable facility. Our Federal ID number is available on request, of course. Just email me at and I will get it to you for your tax records on our letterhead.

The express aim of the new crew is to finally end the exemption to Federal Child Labor Laws suffered by the children in the entertainment industry. Gathering the resources and contacts for this will be a monumental task. It’s long past time to end this archaic exemption.

Our original mission, begun in 1990, of face-to-face support of the past, present and future young performers remains in place. As recent headlines have shown, it’s getting harder to be a child star these days.

Again I want to thank the outpouring of support we’ve gotten the past few days. I will be introducing you to Scott Schwartz very soon, and others as they come aboard. Here’s to an interesting and rewarding 2014.


Paul Petersen 1/31/2014