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Jeanne Russell grew up in a show business family in the heart of Hollywood. Her father was a singer, her mother an accompanist, and her younger brother Brian and her soon went to work in television. Jeanne worked on numerous television shows, stage, commercials and sound track work, and was in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. She is most remembered though for her co-starring role as Margaret during the four year run of “Dennis the Menace”.

As an adult, she utilized the professionalism and communication skills she developed as an actress to put herself through chiropractic college, and is licensed to practice in California and Hawaii. Jeanne owns a private practice in North Hollywood, where she specializes in age appropriate stretching and movement training, and also coaches the concept of “Intuitive Eating”, all techniques learned in her Hollywood days. She works to inspire her patients to appreciate and celebrate the age they are now instead of chasing after eternal youth.

In the late 1980’s the “Where are they Now” nostalgia shows came along and Jeanne was delighted to work with old friends again, as well as new. Being among the first generation to grow up on television made an indelible impression on Jeanne. Realizing that the transition from child actor to adult was handled by all of them without specific guidance led to her participation in A Minor Consideration.

jeannerussellnowJeanne also went on to work on the Young Performers Committee with the Screen Actors Guild, where she served as chair for six years. She participated in the Guild’s national contract negotiations and with the DLSE meetings to design licensing seminars for studio teachers in California.

Along with appearances on numerous talk shows, A&E and biography specials, news and print features, Jeanne has been a panelist for “Psychologists for Professional Education” seminars, and enjoyed being a judge for the “International Model and Talent Association’s” annual competition for five years. Aside from numerous personal appearances across the country for benefits and nostalgia events, Jeanne was a speaker for Holland America Cruise Lines.

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