JonBenet Ramsey’s Father Regrets Letting Her in Pageants

JonBenet Ramsey’s Father Regrets Letting Her in Pageants–abc-news.html

“Organized Parents???” I noticed that today Jon Benet Ramsey’s father admitted that it was a bad idea to put his murdered daughter in to Beauty Pageants!!!


When you watch the credits after a movie, where are the ‘credits’ for stage parents? Where are the ‘credits’ for Background Performers?

Since when are these two groups considered to be “players” in the big game of Show Business? The questions that are never asked are; What are your kids’ IMDB credits? What is your work history? Over and over we’re told to “consider the source.” What is the source of these organized parents opinions? Have any of their children qualified for Health Care coverage or Pension Benefits? Are they, as parents, members of the theatrical unions? If they are such “experts,” why aren’t they professionals in pension matters, or union affairs? Or are they simply pretending to be “insiders?’ Since when do non-union members have a voice in union affairs? If the answer to these unasked questions aren’t satisfactory, how do organized parents come by their opinions? Can you imagine if Jon Benet’s Dad had but asked those of us who have “been there?” Beware those whose opinions are not based on experience.

Paul Petersen