In Memoriam – Susan Gordon

December 18, 2011 Sarah 0

Vale Susan Gordon On Monday, December 12, 2011, I received the sad news that my childhood friend, Susan Gordon had passed away after a long battle

The Growth of Porn

August 5, 2011 Sarah 0

The Growth of Porn – Alison Arngrim Sounds Off The sexual commodification and monetizing of younger and younger models and actresses is indeed increasing. Like

In Memoriam – Jackie Cooper

March 20, 2011 Sarah 0

Vale Jackie Cooper Jackie Cooper, the former Emmy®-winning director who survived childhood stardom in the 1930s, died Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Los Angeles, at

Jon and Kate Inquiries

September 5, 2008 Sarah 0

Thank you for writing to A Minor Consideration and for sharing your views on “Jon & Kate.”There are too many emails to answer individually (and

Apt Pupil

July 1, 1997 Sarah 0

When things go Very Wrong The allegations coming out of the “Apt Pupil” set are disturbing, to say the least. The plaintiffs are claiming that

Apt Pupil Update

June 8, 1997 Sarah 0

Apt Pupil Update June 08, 1997  As those involved with the Studio on the Apt Pupil incident run for cover, it shouldn’t come as a

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