Newtown, Connecticut

Newtown, Connecticut

I lived down the road from Newtown, Connecticut. Evil in human form showed up in that bucolic town last Friday. We will not be able to avoid every excruciating detail of this unfathomable crime. The Press will see to that. The same Press that ignores the grim consequences of despicable behavior when it is rewarded. The same Press that knowingly inflects our children with silence on the cumulative impact of media imagery.

20 children dead…babies, really.

I had found a place in my heart and mind to quarantine Friday’s unwelcome news…

…until last night.

We attended a Christmas program at First Friends church in Whittier last night. There, on the stage was the Heavenly Heights bell-ringing choir of Heights Christian Junior High School. Our niece is a member. Lined up in front of the bell-ringers were thirty children from LA and Orange County’s Braille Institute who compose the Johnny Mercer Children’s Choir. 30 blind children sang beautifully and mercifully could not see that many of us in the audience were crying.

The children made music.

The adults wept.