Octo-Mom, Orman & Oprah

At the risk of ticking off television’s most successful host, what the heck was going on with Oprah Winfrey last week? A mea culpa from Octo-Mom? Expert advice directed toward a desperate mother of fourteen (with a new management team) from two childless TV personalities?

Are we worried about Nadya or her fourteen kids? Did the question even arise in the discussions that led up to this broadcast? Sure Octo-Mom needs money, but what do the kids need? Isn’t that really the nation’s worry?

What was the point of this hour-long exercise?” Ratings or Rescue? Was it promotion of “Oprah’s Experts” on the newly launched “OWN Network” or Suze Orman’s new show (soon to debut on OWN)? It certainly wasn’t about what is best for the fourteen children living with Nadya Suleman.

Heck, the subject of these fourteen children hardly came up. We learned that poor Nadya has had to dismiss three of her four nannies. We even heard her admit that maybe having eight additional children when she couldn’t manage the first six was maybe, just maybe, not a good idea.

In watching this hour I discovered there is a limit to how many times I could say, Duh.”

We were told that foreclosure looms in the Suleman family future as that pesky $450,000.00 balloon payment comes due, and from Orman’s point of view, a book-deal was the solution to the money squeeze so Suleman could hold onto a house she cannot afford. We were blithely told that a reality show is the fix for Octo-Mom, but no one seem to wonder what would be best for fourteen innocent children.

We were not told that a S&M; photo shoot would appear within five days of Nadya’s interview. But, in the course of an hour on America’s most-watched talk show we were told that Nadya just wouldn’t…couldn’t do anything pornographic. A reasonable person might ask, “Which is it?” Public denials on a nationally broadcast talk show don’t square with the actual photo of Nadya whipping a lower-case radio disk jockey dressed in a diaper…with children’s toys scattered about in the background.

The breathless denials that any “work” has been done on Nadya’s body and face were accomplished without much fanfare, but Oprah the Host and Suze the financial wizard avoided some of the more troubling questions…like, “Is it true that before the octuplets were born you compared yourself to Kate Gosselin, Nadya?” “Were you and your representatives actively peddling a reality show when the octuplets arrived?”

The mockery of motherhood and the miracle of bringing new life into the world just didn’t seem to get any airtime. The threesome even managed to brush right past the stark reality of serving 45 meals per day, buying shoes, and providing an education for fourteen kids.

The overwhelming reality for most Americans is the welfare of fourteen children who were artificially brought into this world by a woman (and her doctor) with a sense of entitlement apparently brought on by the absence of a mother’s approval.

You buyin’ this? Will you buy Octo-mom’s book, or watch any version of Nadya’s reality? Oprah and Orman are betting that you are.

I’m betting you know there are fourteen little trees hiding inside this forest of propaganda.