Randal Whipple

Randal Whipple 1965
As a child actor, Randal Whipple and his red hair helped usher in the era of color television.  In 1965, he co-starred as Jerry Van Dyke’s son in the NBC series “My Mother the Car.”  The cult classic series is ranked by TV Guide as the second worst television show of all time and lived on for decades as the brunt of jokes by late night talk show hosts.
Randal’s childhood acting credits also included featured roles on Ozzie and Harriet, My Three Sons, The Odd Couple, Adam 12, The Danny Kaye Show and many others.  He appeared in the Doris Day film Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?, Disney’s Snowball Express, and co-starred with Oscar winner Broderick Crawford in the box office flop Ransom Money.  He also appeared in dozens of national television commercials.
Randal had his finger broken on live television by comedian Red Skelton and was movie lot buddies with Elvis Presley.  He once led the Lawrence Welk Orchestra and co-starred with Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster–in a dog food commercial.  A versatile child actor, Randal was the most frequent child guest star on the CBS series Family Affair where he played a total of nine different characters.
Randal is among those veteran child actors who discovered upon entering adulthood that his entire career earnings had been stripped away.  The resulting emotional and financial pain helped motivate him to succeed in college and in a life away from Hollywood.  His adult professional life has included successful careers as a stock broker and television news anchor.  Currently, Randal ranks among the top one per cent of real estate brokers in the nation.
Randal Whipple 2016Randal now lives in Eugene, Oregon.  He and his wife, Cindy, have been married 38 years and are the parents of four daughters.  They have three sons-in-law and five grandchildren. 
Randal Whipple joins A Minor Consideration hopeful that his life experience and professional successes away from Hollywood can benefit the organization and strengthen the lives of young performers—of yesteryear, today and tomorrow.   

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