Sarah Monahan

Mini Sarah MonahanSarah Monahan may be unfamiliar to US audiences, but is best known in her native Australia, and many other countries as Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..!

Sarah’s father was a fashion designer, and got her start modeling. She then moved on to TV commercials, and by the time she reached eight, had been in over 100 print and TV ads.

Sarah spent over 200 episodes playing Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..! which at the time, was Australia’s highest rating, longest running sitcom. She has also appeared in Aussie soaps Home and Away and Sons and Daughters. Sarah left acting at the age of 15, and spent a year as an exchange student in Honduras. Sarah moved to the US in 2002, and has worked in many fields, including IT, marketing, and an analyst for the Texas State Guard.

Sarah was drawn back into the spotlight in 2012 when she publicly disclosed that she had been molested by her onscreen father while working on Hey Dad..! This resulted in several other girls coming forward. Eventually, Robert Hughes was found guilty on multiple charges, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Sarah recently released a memoir of her experiences as a child actor; Allegedly.

During the four years of police investigations and court appearances, Sarah found A Minor Consideration, and drew strength and comfort from Paul and the other members.  With the court case finally over, Sarah is now the now giving back to AMC with her IT and SME skills, while enjoying the peace and tranquility of life in Palm Beach, Florida.


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