Simplize Your Perspective

Years ago I decided to boil down my belief system to its essence…the absolute irreducible prism through which I view the world: Children. For me that’s as simple as it gets. What’s good for children? What is dangerous for children? What impacts the welfare of ‘working children?’ Who speaks for the most vulnerable among us?

Native Americans learned to tread lightly on the land, and their cultures measured every decision “down to the 7th generation.” Am I alone in worrying that we’ve lost sight of this elemental measuring stick, the welfare of our children?

Unreformed, psychopathic Islam is a direct and undeniable threat to the world’s children. Our system of governance isn’t perfect, but where in the Muslim world is it better? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Syria? Yet, even psychopathic Islam is nothing compared to the outright assault against children visible in our nation’s media. Highly visible children, most unpaid, are splashed across screens and tabloids of America in the worst of circumstances and the government of the United States does absolutely nothing to protect them from sexualization, physical and verbal abuse, economic exploitation and profound psychological harm. Kids in Entertainment are exempt from federal child labor laws and have been since 1938…but as I’ve warned you for almost 30 years…they are not exempt from the clear and present danger of artificial entertainment and its predictable consequences.

Honey Boo Boo’s mother has taken up with a convicted sex offender…again…after leaving her unmarried partner who has served time for child abuse. A 13 year-old cast member of “Dance Moms” has filed a lawsuit against the adult participants of this misbegotten telecast whose abuse of Minors is manifestly obvious in episode after episode. Conduct that would not be tolerated in our nation’s classrooms is broadcast daily on ‘reality shows’ and no one blows the whistle. Prepubescent girls, professionally costumed “princesses” under the direction of so-called adults, utter profanities in the viral “FckH8” videos in the name of sexual equality and no one steps in to protect the child that is inside the performer.

What kind of Society can survive this wanton blindness?

Schools suck. Our streets aren’t safe. Sex tapes launch profitable careers. Politicians lie without consequences or remorse. Courts are riddled with indicted predators that lust after children. National organizations like NAMBLA (National Man/Boy Love Association) maintain their tax-exempt status. Sovereign States continue to lure entertainment production companies by advertising their absence of child labor laws. Unregulated beauty pageants emphasizing pole-dancing children flourish world-wide while the adults who profit from the enterprise (let alone the smarmy titillated audience) manage to avoid finger-printing, background checks and accountability.

A Minor Consideration has been telling you for years that Society’s failure to address the in-your-face debasement of childhood will have consequences. Well Folks, here we are.

Paul Petersen