Steven Wishnoff – Secretary

Steven Wishnoff, an actor and singer since childhood, is a writer, producer, and supporter of several charities. Best known as an adult for his 5 years as Tony Masters on HBO’s OZ, real life finds Steven with a much bigger heart than the prison inmate he played. In addition to having been a producer for Nick at Nite and TV Land, he’s served as the Director of Development for PBS (Los Angeles), been head of Development for LifeWorks (a Youth Mentoring program), a producer with the Diversity Committee of the TV Academy, and a founding member of the Media Access Task force – advocating for better representation and work opportunities for People with Disabilities in the media.
Working with A Minor Consideration is a natural outgrowth of all that has come before for Steven and he is grateful to his like-minded peers and to AMC’s founder Paul Petersen for their passion and vision.
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