Support AMC in June

Hi everyone, 

this is Sarah Monahan, and I’m one of the people behind the website and social media here at AMC. It’s been a while since we’ve done a fundraiser, so I’ve decided that for the month of June I’m going to donate $20 from the sale of every caftan on my website, Shrimptank. You can read about my journey with AMC on this post

I’m trying to think of other ways we can help do some fundraising. I’ve bought some supplies to make a limited edition bracelet, and I’ll pop those up here when I’ve made them. 

Don’t forget you can also donate directly to AMC via our fundraising page

Thank you to everyone for all your support for AMC. 


In case you’re wondering what kind of weirdo  name is “Shrimptank” it’s actually an homage to my past. I’m only 4’11” tall, so was always called Shrimp. The tank is for growing up in the fishbowl of television. Makes perfect sense now, right?

The caftans do also fit taller people, as seen here on one of our favourite formers, Erin Murphy.