A Host of Heroes

In the midst of the Mandalay Massacre a galaxy of heroic individuals showed by their individual actions what America and Americans are truly made of.
Strangers draped their bodies over the young and the wounded to protect them from a barrage of bullets. First responders who weren’t even on duty applied tourniquets and provided transportation using makeshift litters, some with battlefield experience plugged bullet holes with their own fingers
Ambulance drivers lined up to transport the injured to the nearest emergency room. Off-duty cops joined with other sworn officers to help in the chaotic evacuation. Ordinary citizens provided shelter for complete strangers and used their own vehicles to drive fellow concert-goers to homes and hotels and hospitals.
And in the aftermath the continuing out-pouring of charity continues to astound all of us. An eight hour queue to give blood speaks volumes. We mourn for those who lost their lives, and pray for the recovery of those who have suffered and need to heal. Las Vegas stepped up big time in a time of crisis. The Good that sprang out of this tragedy will always be remembered.
An evil deranged man is dead. Good riddance. The rest of us will press on.
Paul Petersen