The damage and the cost of malicious hackers is immense.  Why are we targeted so often?  Protecting famous children is not a popular pursuit.  We knew this going in.  Morality is not an easy sell in the Entertainment Industry where conservative values are routinely ridiculed.

Lusting after a child, we believe, is evil in thought and deed.  Exploiting a child’s labor without regard to the future cost is uncivilized.  Education is superior to indoctrination by any measure.  Childhood, we remind people,  is a once in a lifetime experience.

If the cause be not good there is a heavy reckoning to make.  We are trying to make things better for children.  Governments, unions, corporations, and too many parents are not in our business.

That’s why we are hacked.

Busy breaking in a replacement computer, Paul Petersen 

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