RIP Glen Campbell

Shelley Fabares, James Darren and I all had a chance to work with Glen Campbell early in his career as a respected studio musician thanks to our shared Producer, Stu Phillips (an A&R man supreme) who was tipped off about Glen’s talent as a man to watch even though Campbell couldn’t read a note of music, which is usually a serious handicap for a person hired for high-profile, high-stress session work.
“The Wrecking Crew” of which Glen was an integral part, became the hottest professional session artists in the recording industry. They played on many Colpix hits in the early 60’s.
From way back in the day until his passing, the Glen Campbell I knew remained the unassuming, soft-spoken musical genius; a pleasant pal to nearly everyone he met, and especially those he worked with…and he worked with The Greats.
We were lucky to have both the man and his music. He was truly, One of a Kind. Glen Campbell, RIP.
Paul Petersen