59 Years Ago Tomorrow…

We decided, many years ago, that the Stone Family would use Bastille Day as the marker for the start of The Donna Reed Show’s production way back in 1958.
It’s been so long ago that there is no guarantee that we’ll be around to celebrate the 60th Anniversary so I thought I better put a stake in the calendar to mark July 14th, Bastille Day, as a day of significance in a world that has forgotten what it’s like to live in a black and white world.
There is a difference between Right and Wrong. If something is wrong, don’t do it…and if you do, don’t think it doesn’t matter. The Cowboy Creed is still with the American Family. If it’s not yours, don’t steal it. If it’s not true, don’t say it.
The Donna Reed Show wasn’t reality when we started 59 years ago, but we managed to pass along a little moral in every one of 276 episodes, and for those who didn’t grow up in the perfect family we provided some emotional comfort that things could be better.
It’s unsettling to watch our culture slowly die from self-inflicted wounds. Be Good, tomorrow and always.

Paul Petersen