Taking on TLC

Before I head for Bakersfield and the big National Street Rod Association event this weekend I want to address this business of TLC threatening to bring back the shows that have caused so much controversy in their admitted exploitation of innocent children who, thanks to their parents, are being sold for a song.

First, without Oversight and Enforcement all the laws in the world won’t protect children in the workplace. Every State has a Film Commission. Every State has a Labor Department. Permits are required.

Make no mistake, “a child who participates in a workplace where every adult is being compensated…is working!”
Boycotts of the advertisers are a pointless exercise given the mentality of the people who actually watch these artificial reality shows. Stupid is as Stupid does.

Each child deserves a separate contract, Court-Approved, and mandatory education and financial guarantees. The entire chain of producers must be held personally responsible to see that the terms of engagement are observed…up to and including criminal penalties for failure to observe the Custom and Practice of the industry.

It remains a sad reality that there are more rules for animals in entertainment than for kids who are in entertainment.

Paul Petersen, Chairman Emeritus, AMC

One thought on “Taking on TLC

  1. The Gosselin family is but a good example of what can happen when parents are so greedy that the child’s wellbeing comes after the money and the fame.
    Did you see that Entertainment Tonight interview that Colin and Hannah gave with their father?
    The two of them are so much happier living with their father rather than their mother. Kate was more concerned about how she looks to other people that she did about her son’s physical wellbeing.
    For Kate it was all about money and fame. For Jon it was about keeping his kids happy and healthy.

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